Static Billboards vs. Mobile Billboards For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Static Billboards vs. Mobile Billboards For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Billboards have been around for multiple decades, and despite the rise in digital marketing, they continue to be an essential piece in marketing strategies. But instead of relying on static ones and guessing your return on investment, you can now take advantage of digital mobile billboards for your next marketing campaign.

When it comes to the static billboards vs. mobile billboards debate, mobile ones win every time. Here are just a few reasons why!

Mobile Billboards Are Always On The Go

You might find static billboards in prominent locations, like high above busy highways or on city buildings, but who honestly remembers what these billboards say or if anyone really reads them while trying to focus on driving during their busy commute?

Mobile billboards provide a more personal feel to the audience. They can be easily moved around on the back of trucks and are eye-catching for people who would have otherwise not seen static billboards in their day-to-day lives or weren’t looking out for advertising at all. In addition, they bring business opportunities your way by reaching potential customers where they are, and you’re not stuck having to try to find a new location for a static billboard every month.

People on the street view one of the many digital mobile billboards that you can use for your next campaign.


Digital mobile billboards are always where your potential customers are.

Less Competition With Mobile Billboards

Since digital mobile billboards can move where you want them to, this means less competition. Static billboards are usually clumped together in high traffic areas, so even if someone has the time to look around at outdoor advertising, you’re now competing with numerous other businesses for their attention.

With digital mobile billboards, you can set up a mobile billboard that will capture people’s attention without distractions from other advertisements.

Unmatched Flexibility

It’s pretty safe to say that static billboards offer absolutely no flexibility. When you rent billboard space, you have to commit to one design in one location unless you’re willing to rent out multiple billboard locations.

Digital mobile billboards allow you to use data on your potential customers so you can be where they are at the optimal time of day. Plus, maybe you want to change your message. That’s no problem! You can easily swap out your message if you want to make sure you’re building a personal connection with potential customers.

A More Affordable Option And Better ROI

Traditionally, big companies consider high traffic areas to be prime static billboard real estate, so the price tag to rent one of them can take a hard hit to the wallet. Renting these static billboard spaces can be pricey, and you’re not really sure if there is a return on your expensive investment.

Renting a digital mobile billboard is considerably more budget-friendly because they are more adaptable to your tight marketing budget. Plus, digital mobile billboards are a type of advertisement that is more likely to catch your eye than static advertisements.

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